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Project RISE

Project Rise is funded by the MA Department of Public Health Office of Problem Gambling Services, Project RISE (Resilient Immigrants Striving for Equity) is a three-year intervention designed to address emotional wellness for immigrant communities using a racial equity and access to culturally appropriate services.  Through Project RISE, local communities will have the opportunity to design, co-create, and implement community-based strategies to support emotional wellness.

The key community agencies in Project RISE are the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center, Everett Haitian Community Center, and Eliot Family Resource Center.


The conception of this project was driven by the Everett Community Level Health Project (CLHP). This project assessed community needs in response to problem gambling in minority communities following the establishment of Everett’s casino.

Residents of Everett and surrounding cities have been affected by the casino’s placement and the CLHP finds that casino gambling has exacerbated health issues of concern such as:

  • Immigrant behavioral health outcomes
  • Stress
  • Financial distress
  • A sense of otherness or a lack of belonging


The mission of EHCC’s Project RISE is to address emotional wellness for immigrant communities using a racial equity lens and by making accessible culturally appropriate services. Project RISE at EHCC will focus its efforts on addressing emotional wellness in the Haitian community.

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To prevent or combat stressors caused or exacerbated by problem gambling, Project RISE through three other community-based organizations in Everett and Chinatown will provide resources to immigrant communities in support of their emotional wellness.