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Community Outreach

EHCC has become an expert on community organizing, fighting for inclusivity, provision of resources, and implementation of programs to address socio-economic, cultural, and educational needs. We also work to remove the obstacles that have resulted in the lack of access to fair, affordable housing, employment, resources, and other necessary services.

EHCC was founded because we saw the need for advocacy among the most marginalized communities, notably immigrant communities of color. We could not stand by and watch vulnerable populations fend for themselves, and decided that we had a duty to help.

EHCC has made it its mission to be a voice for the voiceless, a resource for the resourceless, and a helping hand for the helpless. Our focus is holistic assistance to the community, through community organizing, provision of access, services, and resources, and community empowerment.

We have received city, state, and federal recognition for our successful community outreach and education strategies. In 2020, EHCC received recognition from the City of Everett for our Covid-19 resource distribution and Community Education leadership; an award from the United States Census Bureau for being a “Valuable Member of the 2020 Census Community Partnership and Engagement Program” for which we are very thankful. In the summer of 2020, EHCC partnered with city and leaders and launched the “ Karavan nou tout konte” campaign to help reach hard to count populations in Everett.

Additionally, EHCC received a citation of excellence from Governor Baker for our work in community outreach and education amidst the pandemic. Furthermore, EHCC received recognition from the city of Everett for our Covid-19 resource distribution and community education.

Civic Engagement

Promoting civic engagement and increasing access to voting is a cornerstone of EHCC’s work.

Whether it be through engaging volunteers to knock from door to door and register voters to providing transportation to the polling stations, to making sure that residents of Everett are counted in the Census, or to providing citizenship classes to the public so that they can exercise the right to vote granted to U.S. Citizens, EHCC is committed to promoting civic engagement and fighting for the right to vote in the city of Everett and in Greater Boston.

Since our inception, EHCC has mobilized to get thousands of residents across Everett to register to vote and provided the means for them to exercise that right through provision of information and access to the polling booths.

Citizenship Classes

EHCC is proud to help those seeking to become an American citizen on their journey by providing English and Citizenship classes via Zoom. For more information, contact us!