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About  Us

The Everett Haitian Community Center (EHCC) is a nonprofit organization committed to serving immigrant and marginalized communities in the Greater Boston area. EHCC provides holistic assistance to individuals and families through community programs, resources, and services. As a critical and trusted resource to the community at large, EHCC bridges gaps for those in need as they provide access to critical information.  


Caring for our communities in body, spirit, mind, and soul is at the core of our values.


Our Mission

EHCC has become an expert on community outreach, advocacy, and the implementation of programs to address socio-economic, cultural, and educational needs. We have also been working to remove the obstacles that have resulted in lack of access to fair, affordable housing, employment, resources, and other necessary services.

EHCC was founded because we saw the need for advocacy among the most marginalized communities, notably immigrant communities of color. We could not stand by and watch vulnerable populations fend for themselves and decided that we had a duty to help. EHCC has made it its mission to be a voice for the voiceless, a resource for the resourceless, and a helping hand for the helpless.


Community Outreach

EHCC fights for equitable access to resources and assistance for all those who are marginalized within Everett and the Greater Boston area. We endeavor to bridge the gaps in access resources, information, and assistance to minorities within Greater Boston.

EHCC is a resource for the community at large. We encourage the community at large to reach out to us and stay informed as we routinely organized food drives, share information, host virtual events, and launch informational campaigns to address community needs and to provide culturally appropriate responses to issues impacting the communities we serve.

Our focus is holistic assistance to the community, through community organizing, community empowerment, and provision of programs, resources, and services.


Get Involved

Do you want to support the work that EHCC is doing? Are you looking to make a positive impact in your community? Connect with us to learn more about how to get involved!

Our Programs

Emerging Bright Stars Academy

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In 2016, EHCC founded the Emerging Bright Stars Academy (EBSA) after-school and weekend program which provides youth 5-17 with enrichment programs across disciplines and French language and cultural exchange. EBSA provides yearly summer programs, weekend online programs, and after school programs during the week in partnership with the Everett Public Schools in addition to various community events for youth.

First developed in collaboration with Harvard University, EBSA has designed a comprehensive program to challenge and develop these young minds and prepare them to become citizens of the world.





Konbit Kominote

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EHCC initiated our “Konbit Kominote” community resource day in the Fall of 2022. From 6:00 am to 8:00 pm every last Saturday of the month, EHCC provides the community with much needed resources and assistance for them. At our Konbit we provide:

  •  COVID-19 vaccine shots and boosters
  • Emergency cash assistance for utilities and groceries
  • Health insurance assistance
  • Housing application assistance
  • Immigration and legal help
  • Employment assistance
  • Voter registration
  • Sanitary kits
  • Mail reading assistance
  • Pastoral care
Project RISE

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Project RISE is a three-year intervention-designed fund by the MA DPH to address emotional wellness for immigrant communities. The mission of EHCC’s Project RISE is to address emotional wellness for immigrant communities using a racial equity lens and by making accessible culturally appropriate services. Project RISE at EHCC focuses its efforts on addressing emotional wellness in the Haitian community.

Housing Advocacy

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EHCC has made a name for itself across the Commonwealth as an advocate for marginalized populations at the city, state, and federal levels. This past year, the EHCC has taken a leading role in the wake of the housing crisis that is rendering thousands home-insecure in Massachusetts.

EHCC offers assistance for people seeking to apply RAFT and other housing assistance programs and provides free seminars for low income owner-occupant landlords.