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The Everett Haitian Community Center (EHCC) is proud to have been serving immigrant and marginalized communities in Everett and Greater Boston for the past 7 years by providing an authentic voice fighting for their interests on a city, state, and federal level. EHCC believes that the strength of a community lies in its diversity and has been an advocate for integrating and celebrating immigrant populations and their respective cultures as they are part of the fabric that makes this city great.


The Everett Haitian Community Center (EHCC) promotes and strengthens the social and emotional well-being of the community, providing resources and services leading to self-sufficiency.

EHCC has become a leading entity not only in the city of Everett, but in New England, making a name for itself as a relentless defender of the marginalized and an innovator in community building.

EHCC is relentless in ensuring that the future of immigrant communities is as bright as it can be.

Our mission is to empower, educate and provide culturally appropriate resources to individuals and families to integrate in the local society, and attain self- sustainability for a better future.


 In addition to our outreach, advocacy, health literacy, immigration, after school enrichment programs, and community organizing programs, EHCC provides translation and interpreting services, notary public, and other programs to benefit the community at large. Contact us today to find out how EHCC can help you!

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