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Emerging Bright Stars Academy

In 2016, EHCC founded Emerging Bright Stars Academy after-school and weekend program which provides youth aged 5-18 with enrichment programs across disciplines and French cultural exchange promoting Francophonie. In collaboration with Harvard, the Academy has designed a comprehensive program to challenge and develop these young minds and prepare them to become citizens of the world.

We foster a sense of community and family in our classrooms and provide resources for our students to ensure their academic and professional success. We encourage creative and cultural expression, curiosity, and leadership. Most importantly, we celebrate our students’ diversity in all senses by creating an environment that is inclusive and supportive. 

As the world becomes more globalized, it is important that we adequately prepare our youth to be as competitive as they can be when they enter society as adults. We are proud of our students and look forward to continuing working with them. Contact us for more information! 

Youth Volunteers

One of the pillars of our mission is to engage and empower youth and young leaders.  We are here as a resource for all youth and encourage them to get involved in our programs. We are thankful for our many young volunteers. They have been an integral part of our community outreach and civic engagement initiatives.

If you are a young person looking to make an impact in your community, contact us today!