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EHCC PROJECT RISE Passionate Work 2023 Career Panel 


Are you a professional in the Haitian community working in a field that suits your interests, abilities, and that you love?  Do you desire to share your story with high school students to help them pursue their careers with clarity and intentionality? If so, EHCC may have the perfect opportunity for you!

Fill out the form below As Lekol, Travay, Legliz, Lakay (adapted from the well-known Haitian catch phrase) demonstrates important pillars in the Haitian community, EHCC hopes to expose high school students to different career paths and inform them that working a career or job that aligns with their abilities and interests is possible.  EHCC is looking for a few Haitian professionals to help us do this by participating in a career panel taking place Wednesday, February 1st! 

We are looking for individuals who are: 

  • Open to sharing how they became established in their desired career path
  • Currently doing work that suit their natural talents and abilities 
  • At least in the mid-level of their career path, preferred; not entry-level